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Frequently asked questions about POSbistro

What's the difference between POSbistro and other POS applications?

POSbistro is fully mobile, competitively priced and very easy to use. It works on any tablet with Android OS.

What are the advantages of POSbistro?

POSbistro has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Compared to other POS systems it is very competitively priced. POSbistro software is fully mobile, which means that the point of sale is on mobile devices. Also POSbistro has an auto-update feature and trace-to-date sales statistics in the admin panel.

What are the hardware requirements?

To use POSbistro you need a tablet with Android OS. Optionally you can use a fiscal printer. If you need help choosing the right hardware, we are happy to advise you.

How much does it cost?

Does using POSbistro require any license?

No. Unlike other POS systems, a license is not required. Just subscribe for the preferred pricing option.

For whom is POSbistro intended?

POSbistro is dedicated for all small and medium-sized enterprises in the foodservice and retail industry. Basically, for anyone who wants to run business in an easy and enjoyable way.

Is constant access to the Internet necessary?

You don't need constant access to the Internet in your premises, although it is recommended. The connection is only needed while logging into the application at the beginning of the day. Data collected on the tablet will be automatically sent to the database administrator in the cloud, when the device is reconnected to the Internet. Note that to use admin panel you need access to the Internet. You can track sales statistics in real time as a result.

What is the required speed of the Internet connection to use POSbistro?

POSbistro application is designed to work irrespective of the speed of the Internet connection.

How do I install POSbistro in my premises?

The installation is very simple. Just contact us to receive a password to access the software and administration panel. Then download the app and install it on your tablet. That's all. :)

How does the technical support work?

Our technical department provides constant support to all of our customers. Contact us and we will dispel all your doubts and help you in any situation.

Can I get a discount?

In our trial program, you will receive free access to use POSbistro for 7 days. We also distribute attractive discounts for our regular customers. And for those who decide to order the special, personalized version, we will prepare a favorable, tailor-made offer.

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