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Tablet watch
Posbistro + Pospager

Smart solution

for restaurants & catering

People want to be cared for in a restaurant. They come back to places where they have received the best service. With that in mind, we have developed a solution which lets restaurant owners and managers give their guests a new level of customer service.

Fast & efficient order management
at the restaurant

Waiters are taking orders from customers on the tablets

An information about the order appears on the SMART TV screen in the kitchen

The information is sent to the cloud

Prepared meal is ready to serve

The waiter is notified on the Samsung Gear

The meal is served

POSpager empowers restaurant owners

to provide their customers delightful and memorable dining experience.


The notification pops up with a brief vibration

The number of the table

The number of the order

Options in the menu let the waiter: - check previous orders,
- change the location,
- change the user,
- log out

Time when order has been taken

The details of the order are visible after scrolling down


Innovative mobile

  • POSbistro is a mobile software for restaurants and catering. It works on all Samsung devices - tablets, SmartTVs and smartwatches. It is used in a hundred restaurants in Poland and Europe.

  • Mobility of sales

    POSbistro enables taking orders directly from the customers at the tables. With just one click the kitchen is notified what kind of dish they should prepare. After the order is ready, the notification appears on the waiter’s smartwatch.

  • Access to real-time data

    Both the manager and the waiter can monitor the sales process stage by stage - using transparent charts and reports available in a real-time.

  • Knowing the customer

    POSbistro accumulates all your customers data, letting you create their profiles and identify them when they visit your restaurant.

Posbistro + Pospager

POSbistro / POSpager

tel: +48 503 708 001 ext. 6, UK: +44 20 81 33 34 39 email:

ul. Na Zjeździe 11, 7. floor, 30-527 Kraków, Poland